In mundiagua we offer a wide range of solutions for both space heating and professionally owners.
Depending on the type of energy that we use, we have the following solutions for heating:

Radiating floor

We have extensive experience in implementing this type of installation and the results obtained over time to have been highly satisfactory to our customers.


Comfortable: temperate feet and a cool head.
Heat evenly distributed.
Healthy: mild temperatures, greater comfort, without risks.
Economical: low power consumption. Energy efficiency.
Ideal for combination with solar thermal energy.
Freedom of interior decoration. No external elements.
No drafts that carry dust.

Solar panels (solar thermal)

Solar thermal energy has a number of advantages that will list below.

Solar Energy can obtain free of charge from 60 to 70% of the hot water consumed. The thermal energy is environmentally friendly and perfect for DHW heating by leveraging the power of the sun.

We define solar thermal energy or thermal energy as the use of solar heat by using thermal solar panels that allow heat water or other fluids.

This water may be allocated to domestic water consumption (ACS), either hot water, heating or to produce mechanical energy and from it, electricity.

Heat pumps

Heating systems are a major source of domestic energy consumption and the search for the most efficient option is a must.

Among the options are heat pumps, with surprising efficiency. This feature is due to its function: it is based on transporting heat rather than generate it.

Heat pumps are so called because of the similarity to the pumps used to draw water from wells from one level to a higher one. Instead of water, they transport heat energy from a cold to a warmer to raise the temperature of the air in a room point. Since this move contradicts the second law of thermodynamics, to carry out needed to provide energy in the electric case.

However, since no burning fuel to generate heat or through a resistor, this system multiplies the power offered regarding it consumes.

Oil boilers

Oil-fired boilers are a type of boiler that runs on fuel oil, the commonly used for domestic consumption. There are two types of oil fired boilers: For heating and hot water (DHW) or heating only. There are 2 types of boilers and DHW heating oil, diesel boilers are to build and instant boilers.

Accumulation boilers are those which have a hot water tank, and are the most desirable for those customers who need availability of hot water in several areas simultaneously. The drawback of diesel boilers with accumulator is a somewhat higher consumption, because this battery has a greater consumption by having to maintain always hot water.

Boilers instant gasoil are those that heat the water at the time which is needed, and have the disadvantage of not giving an immediate service hot water, having to wait until the water heated by the boiler reaches the point that has been requested.

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